Terms and Conditions Floracard

1. General
These general terms and conditions apply to the filing, the holding and using of the Flora Market NV Aruba loyalty card, hereinafter referred to as ‘Floracard’. The Flora loyalty program is being carried out by Flora Market NV Aruba situated in Oranjestad at Avenida Milio Croes 101. The holder of the Floracard, hereinafter referred to as ‘the cardholder’ while completing the application form online or at the cashier of Flora Market NV Aruba took notice of these general terms and conditions. The cardholder has agreed to these terms and conditions by signing the application form either when registering or when picking up the Floracard.

2. Registering for the Floracard
Any person over the age of 18, can apply for a Floracard by handing in a fully completed application form at the cashier of Flora Market NV Aruba. The application will be reviewed by Flora Market NV Aruba and may be denied without any given reasons. The Floracard is personal. Everyone over 18 who wishes to use the Floracard needs to apply for one. After acceptance of the application, the Floracard once issued for a fee of AFL 10 – and can be used immediately. The fee will be credited in the form of points (100 points) to the account when receiving a new card with a new program.

3. Saving points
The Floracard offers the cardholder, without obligation, the ability to save for vouchers to spend on the entire assortment of Flora Market NV Aruba. On presentation of the Flora Card, before paying at the checkout, the cardholder receives 0.5 savings point for every Aruba Florin (AFL) spent. The loyalty point balance is shown on the receipt. In case of uncertainty regarding the loyalty point balance and the establishment thereof, that what is mentioned in the administration of the Flora Market NV Aruba is final. After the completion of the payment transaction at the cash register, it is no longer possible to receive loyalty points. There are no loyalty points provided on: delivery costs, payments, deposits and gift certificates.
Notwithstanding the above, Flora Market NV Aruba, may organise actions (periods to be determent) where the cardholder receives extra points when purchasing certain products.
When returning a purchase Flora Market NV Aruba may recover or deduct credited loyalty points with the cardholder.

4. Redeem loyalty points
Accumulated points can be redeemed. When reaching a balance of 500 points Flora will give a voucher of AFL. 50.00 to the cardholder. Inclusion of the accumulated points must be declared before the checkout because points can not be settled afterwards. Saved points are not paid in cash.

5. Non-use of the Floracard
If the Floracard is not used for a period of 24 months (2 years), it is considered expired and Flora Market NV will reset the account. The loyalty points will therefore expire and can no longer be redeemed. With a next purchase your account will automaticity be reactivated.

6. Loss of Flora Floracard
In case of loss and / or damage to the Floracard, the cardholder may apply for a new Floracard. Flora Market NV Aruba will charge a AFL. 10.00 fee and this amount must be paid on collection of the new Floracard. After reviewing all the cardholder information the lost Floracard will be blocked. It is possible for Flora Market NV to transfer the loyalty point balance, of the lost Floracard, registered at Flora Market NV Aruba, to the new Floracard.

7. Ownership of the Floracard
The Floracard remains the property of Flora Market NV Aruba. The Floracard is strictly personal (non-transferable) and only for private use. The Floracard may not be used by someone else other than the cardholder to receive discount or receive loyalty points for purchases not made personally by the cardholder. If Flora Market NV Aruba notes that the Floracard is being used by someone else, the cardholder receives a warning and the received discount or loyalty points will be recovered or settled. Flora Market NV Aruba can take back the Floracard without any given reason. If the cardholder no longer wishes to use the Floracard it must be returned to Flora Market NV Aruba. Any outstanding balance can not be claimed if it doesn’t reach the minimum amount (or multiples thereof).

8. Changes and Termination
Flora Market NV Aruba reserves the right to change and / or withdraw the privileges of the Floracard. Flora Market NV Aruba also reserves the right to change or terminate the loyalty program in its entirety. Any such amendment or termination will be made public in store and on the website (www.flora.aw).
If the cardholder is guilty of irregularities, such as shoplifting, unacceptable behaviour and making unacceptable statements, Flora Market NV Aruba reserves the right to take or to block the Floracard. All accumulated points will automatically expire and is not open to discussion.

9. Privacy and personal information
All personal information entered on the application form and / or action forms and the purchases of the cardholder are being registered in the database of Flora Market NV Aruba and will be treated confidentially. Flora Market NV Aruba may use this data to inform the cardholder about additional benefits and analysis capabilities. Flora Market NV Aruba will never give personal data to third parties, unless Flora Market NV Aruba is required to do so by law. Data changes of the Cardholder must be reported at the checkout at Flora Market NV Aruba. If the cardholder selects not to receive mailings then he / she will not receive these with exception of general messages, these are being sent to all cardholders.

10. Liabilities
Flora Market NV Aruba does not accept any liability for loss or theft of the Floracard, nor for unauthorized use of and / or fraudulent dealings with the Floracard. Except in cases of intent or gross negligence Flora Market NV Aruba is not liable for damages resulting from or connected with, for whatever reason, not / or not in time and / or incomplete use of the Floracard conditions . Moreover Flora Market NV Aruba is not liable for any damage arising from the use of and the reliance of the information on the benefits of Floracard.
In case of suspected fraud, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour Flora Market NV Aruba has the right not to provide the benefits of the Floracard and to forfeit the Floracard.

11. Final Determination
Flora Market NV Aruba reserves the right to make changes in these general terms and conditions. The applicable general conditions are available at Flora Market NV Aruba and are also available on the website (www.flora.aw/floracard-terms). With your continued use of the Floracard, the cardholder agrees to the changes in these terms and conditions.
If any provision of these terms and conditions are found invalid, unenforceable or illegal the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions remain in full force.