The Best Gift Of Aruba; The Flora Giftcard!

With every event the question remains the same: “What are we giving as a present? We have the answer to that question: the FLORA giftcard! Fun to give, even better to receive!

On Mother’s Day, make her happy with a Flora gift certificate and let her make her own selection from the wide assortment of Flora. Success is guaranteed. But of course the Flora gift certificate is also a perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or just as a surprise. No matter what the occasion is, a Flora gift certificate is always appreciated.

How Does It Work?

  • The gift certificate is available at the cash register of our shop.

  • The values from the certificate(s) is free to choose.

  • No worry! The gift certificates doesn’t need to be spend in one use.

  • The gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.